Our team provides a bespoke town planning service – maximising opportunities and creating value for our clients by securing planning permissions for deliverable commercial, residential, retail, leisure and mixed-use developments. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs and aspirations, brokering relationships and blending our knowledge of planning policy with commercial acumen.

At H & Associates we offer a broad range of expertise at all levels of town planning. Our key skill is negotiating planning applications to a successful conclusion. We adopt a commercial approach to development applications and together, with a thorough knowledge of the planning process, this ensures that our clients’ objectives are fully met on budget and on time.

At the forefront, our business principles are established on a thorough understanding of the planning process and planning legislation. We take a creative approach to solving problems for our clients and, as planning has a community dimension, we are also skilled in community consultation and liaising with local interest groups and other influential organisations.

We recognise that the planning process is ever-changing and fast becoming more complex with a greater emphasis on ensuring that applications are thoroughly compiled, often involving other professional disciplines in the process. To this end we work closely with well-respected professional consultants to deliver a comprehensive planning service to clients.

Why not pass your ideas by our specialist team to be rewarded with a solution that will add value to your site?